Five Finger reflexion

incl. materials
15 min.


The learner can give information about him/herself.


Black board


  • Draw a hand on the board and name every finger.
  • Label every finger
    • Thumb                   I’m good at …
    • Index finger          I want to learn how to …
    • Middle finger       I don’t care about …
    • Ring finger            I love …
    • Little finger           I don’t know a lot about …


  • Start by completing the sentences yourself.
  • Give the learners some time to think about their five fingers.
  • Let every learner introduce his/her hand.


  • You can also label the whole hand: What do you want to give?
    And the other hand: What do you want to receive?
  • You can change the labels, e.g. to practice the simple past, e.g.
    When you were a child, what were you good at? What didn’t you like?…

Tips for the instructor

Ask the learners if they have got to know each other better by doing this exercise, if there were answers that surprised them, answers they recognized…