Frozen professions

incl. materials
15 min.


The learner can use vocabulary about professions.


  • Buzzer
  • Cards naming or depicting a profession


  • Sit in a circle.
  • Put the buzzer in the middle.
  • Depict a profession, without moving, as a frozen statue.
  • The first to guess the occupation, gets the next turn.
  • If the learners cannot guess the occupation, you are allowed to mime it.
  • Finish by repeating all the occupations.
  • Let the learners comment on how the occupations were frozen.


  • A learner begins by freezing a profession. When the profession is guessed, another learner joins in, changing the situation.
    For example: The first learner portrays someone who works at the computer in the office. The next learner stands behind the ’employee’, playing a hairdresser. The employee plays now a client of the hairdresser. When this is guessed, the first learner goes back to the circle and a third learner joins in.
  • Do a follow-up interview: ‘What other professions do we know?’
  • Ask the learners to put a spotlight on the jobs they could or would like to exercise, or did in the past.

Tips for the instructor

  • Make sure everyone gets a turn.
  • Write the professions on the blackboard.