Hello. May I ask you something?

incl. materials
45 min.


The learner can ask for information.


Cards with sample questions, such as the opening line: Hello. May I ask you something?’.


Think about a subject for the interview, preferably related to a treated topic. Choose a neutral subject; politics and religion are to be avoided.


  • Explain that the learners are about to interview a stranger.
  • Make relevant questions, classically or in groups.
  • Lower the threshold by asking what the learners need to do this exercise, e.g.
  • Do you prefer to work alone or with in pairs, in trios? What to do if you did not understand the answer?
    What if the interviewee speaks too fast?
  • Send the learners on their mission and tell them when to be back.
  • Discuss the interviews together afterwards.
  • Let them comment on the answers they got and on how it felt to interview an stranger.


  • Filming the exercise makes it more exciting and difficult.
    Attention: Ask both parties for permission.

Tips for the instructor

Addressing strangers on the street is difficult. Look for a safe environment, e.g. a community centre, language school…