Horse race

no materials
15 min.


The learner can understand instructions.


The learner must be familiar with the instructions.


  • Stand in a circle.
  • Tell the learners you are all riding a horse and participating in a race.
  • Let them mimic the instructions below.

We calmly walk to the start.
Stand still!
Our horses are nervous. They are snorting and blowing.
The starting shot resounds.
We gallop, straight ahead… Go, go!
There’s water further down the road. We have to jump over it. Watch out! Jump!
And trot!
There’s a bend to the left. Go to the left!
And straight ahead!
Now a bend to the right and again to the left!
One more time over the water. Jump!

Yes…and there is the finish! Give everything you have!
The race is finished. The horses are quietly coming to rest: first in gallop, then walking.
They are snorting and blowing.


Let a learner direct the race.

Tips for the instructor

You can add sounds: clicking the tongue slowly when walking and quickly when galloping; clapping the hands and hitting the thighs when trotting.