I do, I don’t

incl. materials
30 min.


The learner can conjugate and use pronouns correctly.


  • Cards with a positive and a negative statement, e.g.
    I smoke / I don’t smoke.
    I sleep well / I don’t sleep well.
    I dance salsa / I don’t dance salsa.
    I speak Arabic / I don’t speak Arabic.


  • Stand in a circle.
  • Start by saying a positive statement that applies to you, e.g. I smoke.
  • Form two groups according to the reactions of the learners: smokers and non-smokers.
  • Point at one or more learners and make sentences, e.g.
    We smoke and you don’t smoke.
    He smokes and he doesn’t smoke.
  • The next statement is done by a volunteering learner. S-he must choose a statement applying to him/her.
  • Close the exercise by writing some conjugated verbs on the blackboard.

Tips for the instructor

  • Teach the conjugation of irregular verbs in a later session.
  • You can do this exercise after every session, with the new verbs.