Map making

incl. materials
15 min.


The learner can understand the description of a room.


  • For every learner a small whiteboard
  • Whiteboard markers
  • Whiteboard erasers
  • Blackboard


You can make small whiteboards yourself by laminating A4 sheets. They can be used on both sides.


  • Describe your living room (or another room) in detail: the furnishing, the decoration, e.g. The door is on the right. When you enter the room, there is a couch on the left, …
  • Describe the room again and let the learners draw the room.
  • Compare the learners’ drawings. Do they look alike? Who drew best?
  • Write down and explain the words the learners did not know or recognize.


  • Ask a learner to describe his/her living room while the others draw.
  • Divide the group into pairs. Let each pair in turn describe and draw.