On the bike together

incl. materials
> 60 min.


  • The learner can understand instructions indicating directions.
  • The learner can ask and give information about places.


  • Maybe the local bike shop is willing to lend some?
  • Material to fix a flat tire.
  • Food, drinks, blankets… for a picnic, if planning one.


Draw up a route, including interesting and nice places, e.g. a park, a petting zoo, a factory, a special bakery, a local beekeeper…


Before the cycling tour

  • Discuss the route.
  • Give safety instructions, especially with bigger groups, e.g.:
  • Follow the instructor.
  • Cycle one after the other.
  • Stay with the group.
  • When I raise my arm, we all stop.
  • When I extend my arm to the left, turn left; to the right, turn right.
  • Decide on the date, the starting point and time.
  • Discuss who brings what for the picnic.

On the day of the cycling tour

  • Repeat the safety instructions.
  • On the tour, stop once in a while to take pictures.

Tips for the instructor

Together, look at the pictures taken on the tour. Use them to consolidate new words and to share memories.