Poem by heart

incl. materials
oral, written
15 min.


The learner can recite a poem by heart.


For each learner a copy of the poem.


Choose a short and simple poem.


  • Read the poem several times.
  • Let the learners write or draw the words they have understood.
  • Ask the learners what the poem is about, if they like the sound of it.
  • Give each learner a copy and read the poem aloud.
  • Explain new words.
  • Give the learners time to prepare their recital of the poem.
  • Pay attention to the pronunciation and expression when a learner is reciting.

Tips for the instructor

Tell the learners to put this poem on a wall somewhere at home and ask who will know it by heart for the next session.

Invite someone (another teacher, an employee of the school or center, a neighbor) to come and listen to the poem. Can s/he understand it? What does s/he think of it?