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incl. materials
15 min.


The learner can consolidate new vocabulary.


Post-its and pens


This activity is set in a gym, but it can also be done in a classroom, a kitchen, an office…


·                    Divide the group into pairs. Give each pair a pack of post-its.
·                    Let every pair check out the area of the gym (or another room).
·                    Call everybody back. The pairs sit down and write the name of the objects they know on post-its.
·                    Each pair now labels the objects of which they know the name. Some objects will be labelled several times.
·                    Together check all the post-its. The winning pair is the pair who wrote the most correct post-its.
·                    After the activity, make a list of the vocabulary together.


·                    You can also put blank post-its on the objects beforehand. Let the pairs label as many objects as possible.
·                    Add a competitive element: give every pair ten post-its. The first pair to label ten objects, is the winner.

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