Sports Painter

incl. materials
30 min.


  • The learner can consolidate new vocabulary.


  • Flip chart or blackboard
  • Pens or chalk
  • Stopwatch


Prepare a list of words which the learners are supposed to guess. It can be words concerning a specific sports discipline or more general terms.


  • Divide the group into two teams.
  • Show a word to a learner from Team A.
  • Within a specific amount of time, the learner must draw the word on the blackboard.
  • Both teams try to guess the word. The team guessing the word, gets a point.
  • A learner of Team B draws the next word.
  • The learner who is drawing, is not allowed to speak, mimic or write.

The exercise is finished once all learners have got a turn.


  • Let each team prepare a list of words for the other team. In this variant, each team takes turns at guessing.
  • Instead of drawing, let the learners mimic the word.