Am I a kangaroo?

incl. materials
45 min.


The learner can ask and give information about objects.


Post-its and pens.


For every learner a post-it with a word, whether or not related to a treated topic.


  • Give each learner a post-it with a word on it, which they stick on their forehead/back, without reading what is written.
  • By asking the other learners questions that can only be answered with yes or no, each learner has to find out what is written on his or her post-it.
  • To demonstrate the exercise, stick a post-it on your forehead without looking at the word and ask questions.

Closing up

Discuss and repeat for each post-it the questions and answers that have been given.

Tips for the instructor

Think of clues that can help the learners to guess the word.