Backward spelling

incl. materials
15 min.


The learner can spell.


  • Blackboard
  • Paper & pen
  • Several sets of cards with words of up to ten letters


  • Sit in a circle.
  • Repeat the alphabet together.
  • Let a learner choose a card and spell the word, backwards. Correct if necessary.
  • Let the others guess the word.
  • Write the word on the blackboard and spell it all together, both forward and backwards.
  • The learner chooses another word, till everyone has had a turn.


  • Form small teams.
  • Give every team set of cards.
  • In turn the learners take a card and spell the word backwards.
  • When spelled correctly, the learner earns a point.
  • The first to guess the word, is the learner on the left of the speller, the second is the second on the left, and so on.
    When guessed correctly, the learner earns a point.
  • If a learner spells a word wrongly, let the others after the guessing correct him/her. This way, difficult letters get attention.

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