Get to know me

incl. materials
45 min.


The learner can give information about himself/herself.




Think about inspiring statements, quotes and questions on the topic ‘Character’.


  • Sit in a circle
  • Have a group conversation on character and character traits, e.g.
    What character traits do you know?
    Is there something as a national character?
    Which of these traits characterize you? Can you give an example?
    Is there something as a national character?
  • Introduce the second part of the exercise by throwing the dice and answering the six questions.
  1. What makes you happy?
    2. What makes you sad?
    3.      What makes you angry?
    4.      What makes you nervous?
    5.      What makes you laugh?
    6.      What makes you calm?
  • Let each learner throw the dice once and answer the corresponding question.