Pride in the picture

incl. materials
15 min.


The learner can exchange ideas on the concept of ‘pride’.


  • Photos and/or videos which show ‘pride’. You can use the links and photos below.
  • Smartphones or camera
  • Objects one associates with pride: a flag, an eagle, an award, a trophy, a medal, T-shirts bearing team names and slogans, a school jacket, a photo of a happy family, a strong tree…


  • Show your images and let the learners describe what they see.
  • Ask how they would name the expressed emotion.
  • Discuss how you can recognize ‘pride’: facial expression, body posture …
  • Discuss how they define pride.
  • Let the learners take photos of each other, striking a proud pose.
  • Share the photos in the WhatsApp group and discuss them.

Closing up

Strike a proud pose and explain why you are proud of the group.

Tips for the instructor

Exaggerate your body language to further clarify the concept of pride.


Link Proud Ajax Fan (Dutch soccer Club):
Find for each language an example.