Rain, storm and thunder

no materials
15 min.


The learner can connect and contribute to the energy of the group by sound and motion stimulation.


Name the elements: wind, rain, thunder, lightning, storm.


  • Sit in a circle and tell the learners you are going to make it storm together.
  • Rub your hands gently and say Wind.
  • Ask the learner on your right to join in.
  • Ask the learner on his/her right to join in, till gradually everyone is rubbing their hands. The rubbing sounds like the wind.
  • Start rubbing more quickly and stimulate the learners to keep pace with you.
  • Start snapping the fingers of your right hand, say Rain and ask the learner on your right to join in, then the next learner and so on.
  • You now hear rain and wind, as the group gradually goes from rubbing to snapping.
  • Snap the fingers of both hands, say Storm and do it faster: the rain increases in sound and speed; the learners follow one by one.
  • While snapping your fingers, stamp your feet to make the sound of the thunder and shout Thunder.
  • Jump from your chair and shout Lightning. One by one the learners follow, like a Mexican wave, making the sound of a thunderclap from a nearby lightning strike.
  • Make the storm decrease slowly and end with soft clapping (last rain drops) and soft rubbing (weak wind) and then silence….

Closing up

When the teacher stops, it is not over yet; it is only silent when the last one in the circle, the person to your left, has also stopped.

Tips for the instructor

Record this exercise. It is fun to listen to the storm you have generated together.