Text and guess

incl. materials
45 min.


  • The learner can write a short message.
  • The learner can ask and give information.


  • Smartphones
  • Free wifi
  • Cards with the first name and the telephone number of each learner.
  • Variant: Cards with an assignment, such as ‘Invite someone to go to the Ask for a doctor’s phone number. Ask to borrow something…’


  • Give every learner a card. Make sure no one gets his/her own card.
  • Each learner sends ‘Hello name’ to the person whose name is on the paper, without signing the message.
  • The receiver guesses who the sender is by asking closed (yes/no) questions, e.g. Are you a man? Do you have black hair?… 


  • Beginners: Divide the learners in two groups: senders and receivers.
  • Advanced: Each learner has two conversations running, one as sender and one as receiver.
  • Add a card with an assignment. Once they have guessed the sender’s identity, they must complete the assignment together, e.g. What movie, When? What time? Where? …

Closing up

  • Review together words and questions that were not understood or known.
  • Write a well formulated message on the blackboard.
  • Discuss phrases relevant for the assignment.

Tips for the instructor

Join in with an odd number of students.