Which word is missing?

incl. materials
oral, written
30 min.


The learner can consolidate words related to a treated topic.


·                    Some twenty cards with words related to the treated topic
·                    Pen and paper


·                    Write a word on every card.
·                    Vary in level: cards with easy words, cards with difficult words.


·                    Sit in a circle around a table.
·                    Put the cards on a table.
·                    Let the learners ask questions and comment on each card, recall memories inspired by a card…
·                    Give them a minute to memorize all the words.
·                    Ask them to turn their head and take away one card.
·                    Let a learner guess which word is missing.
·                    Repeat this exercise until all learners have had a turn.


·                    Instead of writing the name of the item, you can use an image.
·                    Instead of using cards with words, you can use objects.