Who has the bike of brother Tom?

no materials
15 min.


  • The learner can ask and give information by using simple phrases.
  • The learner can address others by their name.


Write on the blackboard

Who has the bike of brother Tom?
Not me.
Who has it then?
Manon has it!
Manon has the bike of brother Tom!


  • Sit in a circle.
  • Practice the text above by chanting while alternately slapping your legs and clapping your hands to the beat of the words.
  • Appoint a learner who is the first to answer the question and to appoint the next learner.


  • Wipe out the text on the blackboard.
  • Ask the learners to make a similar sentence e.g. Who has Ali’s glasses?

Tips for the instructor

Once everyone understands the exercise, speed up the pace!
The concentration increases and the exercise becomes more fun.