Radio Youtube

incl. materials
30 min.


The learner can consolidate vocabulary.


  • Song related to the treated topic
  • Copy of the lyrics for each learner


  • Listen to a song, without the sound. Listening without sound gives the learner the chance to pick up nonverbal background information.
  • Listen to the song several times, with sound.
  • Ask the learners what the song is about.
  • Ask the learners what words they have recognized.
  • Write the words in the right order on the blackboard.
  • Listen to the song again and complete the text.
  • Explain the meaning of new words.
  • Give a copy of the text to each learner.
  • Listen to the song again, while the learners are reading the text.
  • Sing the song together.


Ask the learners to use a part of a sentence from the song and finish it in a different way.
This is an interesting exercise to consolidate frequently used chunks, e. g. If only I could …, Yesterday…

Tips for the instructor

  • Give different listening assignments, e.g. Do you hear colors, animals, names of people…? What words or phrases do you hear several times?
  • Share the link of the song.