True or false

incl. materials
15 min.


  • The learner can understand if a statement is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’.
  • The learner can make statements.


Two sheets of A4 paper: one with RIGHT written on it, the other with WRONG written on it.


  • Hang one paper on one side of the classroom and the other paper on the opposite side.
  • Put the tables and chairs aside for this exercise.
  • Prepare some ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ statements. You can use all sorts of subjects/facts but make sure you know the correct answer.
  • Adapt the statements to the level of the learners, e.g. using the past tense for more advanced learners.


  • Let the learners move freely in the classroom.
  • Launch a statement.
  • Ask the learners to run to one of both papers, according to their answer.
  • Close the exercise with a funny statement.
  • Let the learners count their correct answers and find out who has won.


  • Once the learners have understood the exercise, they can make statements themselves. Give them some time for it and go for a new
  • Make the statements more difficult by using information about the learners, e.g.  ‘Abu has two brothers’.
  • Participate in the running and confuse the group by choosing the wrong