Word beat

incl. materials
30 min.


The learner can understand and work with the concept of syllables.


  • Small pieces of paper
  • Pens
  • Hat / Box


  • Ask the learners to write or draw a word.
  • Collect the pieces of paper.
  • Read each of the words aloud while clapping for each syllable.
  • Let the learners repeat the word and the clapping.
  • Put the papers in a box or a hat.
  • Let a learner pick a word out and clap its rhythm without saying it.
  • Let the other learners guess the word. For example: a learner takes the word animal and claps three times.
  • Go on until all words have been picked out.
  • Repeat all the words in rhythm.


Do a second round marking the rhythm in a different way, e.g., stamping with the feet, snapping the fingers, making noises.

Tips for the instructor

  • In bigger groups, make sure not all learners choose a word with the same amount of syllables, e.g. by giving a card with a number or telling them individually.
  • Beginners: Let the learners make sentence with the words.
  • Advanced: Let the learners make a story with the words.

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